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Residential home with modern facade painting

Picking the Right Exterior Color

Are you thinking about updating the exterior of your home, but you’re not sure where to start? Whether you want to stand out from the rest of your neighbors or blend in, there are so many combinations you can choose from that matches your style. It’s a big decision because generally a house’s exterior is not repainted as often as the inside of the house might be. Here are a few classic color schemes that will always look great together. Take inspiration from them for your new design!

Tan, Dark Green, and Pale Blue: This combination looks gorgeous and freshly painted, but when it starts aging, beauty happens. The primary color is that tan with brown undertones, the doors will stand out with a dark green almost black, and for that pop of color, the trim will be painted a pale blue with grey undertones.

Picking the Right Exterior Color 1

Dark Forest Green and Burgundy: If you’re looking for more of a classic American style without going full patriotic, dark forest green for the shutters and a burgundy for the front door will be the focal point you need.

Picking the Right Exterior Color 2

Off White and Dark Grey: Another classic pairing is contrasting colors. Black and white look great together, but it might be too much of a contrast. Instead, go with an off-white or a white with brown undertones mixed with a dark grey with brown or green undertones. It’s a new spin on an old classic.

Classic White: Who says you need more than one color? Classic white can make your home stand out while blending in. If bright white isn’t the right color, try looking at an off white or even a beige with white undertones for the shutters and trim.

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