Pressure Washing


Correct preparation work for exterior painting typically involves pressure washing. Just blasting a house with bleach and water is not enough. At Mark Sellman Painting we have studied and developed our skills in the often underrated job of pressure washing houses. Our experience over many years has led us to use best-practice materials and techniques.

After we wet down vegetation we apply a biodegradable detergent/chlorine solution to the house surfaces followed by a clear water rinse. We adjust the pressure of the rinse according to the surfaces to be cleaned. The result is a surface free from mold, mildew, and surface pollutants. This, in turn, gives us a very clean surface onto which we apply our premium finishes. Additionally, we clean hard surfaces such as driveways and walkways.

One final point; when we wash the exterior of your house we have another opportunity to examine the surfaces to be treated. This extra look allows us to better prepare the exterior of your home for our premium painting service.