Savannah, GA

Exterior Painting

When you hire an exterior painting contractor, you are searching for someone to protect what is most likely your single largest investment: your house. At Mark Sellman Painting, we take this responsibility seriously. From the initial estimate survey of your property, to the completion of the exterior painting project, our goals are to beautify and protect your house. We look for and point out areas of concern on the exterior surfaces and offer suggestions and solutions. Oftentimes, we include repairs in our proposals. These repairs include light carpentry work, rotten wood removal, stucco patching and even light electrical work. If, however, there is an issue we don’t feel competent handling, we will refer you to one of our trusted colleagues. The goal is to prepare your home’s exterior thoroughly so that our premium finishes can perform as intended.

Savannah, GA

Interior Painting

Having a painting contractor working inside your home can be disruptive to your schedule and stressful for you. At Mark Sellman Painting, we strive to make your interior painting project as unobtrusive and low key as possible. We arrive on site punctually and keep noise to a minimum. We’ll leave your home tidy at the end of each workday. Additionally, our painters don’t smoke, play games, or develop an untoward interest in your possessions. We know we are in your home to work and we try to do so as efficiently and quickly as possible.

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