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What Our Paint Jobs Entail

When you hire a professional painting company, you want to make sure they do the job right, as well as respect your space and your house. At Mark Sellman Painting we are dedicated to making your home better than when we came. Here’s what you can expect from a visit of our painters.

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  • All furniture, carpets, will be protected by plastic sheeting or drop cloths, depending on which is better for your home. All of your property will be kept in pristine condition and orderly.
  • When a wood surface needs to be painted it will be properly cleaned with a no-rinse cleaner or de-glossed to make sure any contaminants are removed. Not only will this give the painter a clean slate but it will also ensure longevity and paint adhesion.
  • Any stubborn stains or watermarks will be properly primed and sealed. This will prevent any bleed through when the final coat is applied.
  • Loose paint will be thoroughly sanded or scraped off to ensure the paint doesn’t flake off.
  • If there are any holes or cracks in the ceilings or walls they will be fixed with either drywall compound or spackle then sanded smooth and finally primed. For more permanent repairs drywall tape will be put over cracks. Any raw drywall will always be primed.
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  • If there are any holes in wood to be painted they will be filled and sanded smooth. Any raw wood or wood repairs will be primed.
  • Any other cracks or open joints will be filled and caulked for a smoother appearance when the final coat of paint dries.
  • Our workers have been trained and are highly skilled to get your home looking its best. We are a smoke and drug-free company, for both our and your safety!
  • If there is any paint leftover it will be labeled and left for you to use however you want. You can also be assured that the paint we use for your home will be fresh paint and nothing left over from a previous job. Our clients deserve nothing but the best.
  • You will be given a color and finish schedule for future reference to ensure your house stays looking exquisite.
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