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Reasons to repaint your home inside and out

The moment a house needs repainting isn’t always the moment you realize you need to repaint your house. The unfortunate truth is, most people put off painting for much longer than they should. Not only does a fresh paint job make your house homier, but it also can prevent all sorts of damage caused by moisture, and mold build-up. Both interior and exterior painting projects should be started and completed during the spring, if possible. That way, you don’t have to paint during the hottest months of the year and lose the ability to take a nice relaxing summer off from home improvement tasks. Here are a few reasons to start your home repainting projects, now!

Increase the Value
of Your Home

Once your home is painted, it’s value can increase quickly, due to its new aesthetic. When a home inspector or realtor sees a fresh coat of paint on either the inside or outside of the home, they know the homeowner took that extra step to make the home ready to sell.

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Reasons to repaint your home inside and out 2

Bolster Curb Appeal

If you live in a homeowners association, are planning on selling, or even just love the idea of a well-kept property, increasing your curb appeal is easily attainable with a fresh coat of exterior paint.

Covers up stains
and blemishes

If you have a small child or pet, you know stains and damage can accumulate on your walls consistently and without warning. Sometimes enough is enough and instead of trying to clean or remove these blemishes, choose to repaint the area with an attractive new style of paint and call it a day!

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Keep Cool

Lighter colors tend to reflect the sun more efficiently than darker colors. If your home is in a hot environment or perhaps your living room faces the southern exposure, paint your home’s exterior with the lightest most reflective paint possible!

There are literally hundreds of reasons which may make you want to tackle a repaint project. Our best advice is to not ignore these troubled areas. The key to saving money in the long run and having an aesthetically pleasing house at all times is acting fast! The faster you act upon your painting solutions the easier and better your results will be! If your project ever becomes too much to handle contact Sellman Painting today!

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